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The Host | Mohammed Omerul Haq

India Colonised Podcast

Omer Haq is a history buff with a curious eye for colonial influences in the Indian subcontinent, Omer Haq is a graduate student in History and has set on a journey to explore the grey regions of India's colonial past. He hopes to someday be able to write and engage in popular narrative history. Theology, philosophy, political and behavioral sciences are some other things that never fail to intrigue him. India Colonised is a project close to his heart.

Mysore, India

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At India Colonised, we hope to bring an objective narrative to India’s colonial past’s famous and lesser-known history. Our team believes in shunning political narratives spun around accounts built to divide those who consume it. We aim to grow tolerance in people’s minds and help them appreciate the complexities of our shared past while working hard to retaining its objectivity.

Our vision is to engage tools of widespread engagement such as YouTube, Podcast, and Social Media to seek out our objectives’ fulfilment.