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Host & Director

India Colonised Podcast

Omer Haq is a postgraduate student of History at SOAS, University of London. He's got a curious eye for colonial influences in the Indian subcontinent, Omer Haq is a graduate student in History and has set on a journey to explore the grey regions of India's colonial past. He hopes to someday be able to write and engage in popular narrative history. Theology, philosophy, political and behavioural sciences are some other things that never fail to intrigue him. India Colonised is a project close to his heart.

London, Unted Kingdom

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At India Colonised, we hope to bring an objective narrative to India’s colonial past’s famous and lesser-known history. Our team believes in shunning political narratives spun around accounts built to divide those who consume it. We aim to grow tolerance in people’s minds and help them appreciate the complexities of our shared past while working hard to retaining its objectivity.

Our vision is to engage tools of widespread engagement such as YouTube, Podcast, and Social Media to seek out our objectives’ fulfilment. 


Team India Colonised

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B A (Hons) Journalism, University of Delhi

Co-Host & Asst.Editor

Ritika is a student of Journalism and a part-time existentialist. She finds it rather dubious to define the quotient of 'self' -- yet defines herself as a regular kid lured by the concept of Art in all its forms. The act of writing is something that she thinks highly of. She also holds an interest in reading, photography and learning different languages. You'd usually find her engaging in dialogue with herself.

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B.Sc Chemical Engineering- University of Alberta

Co-Host & Lead Researcher

Shaheena Begum is an undergraduate research assistant at the University of Alberta. Presently, she is pursuing her bachelors in Chemical Engineering at the University of Alberta. Her interest in Indian History and passion for learning is what brings her here. As a Co-Host and  Research Lead, she now works with interns to initiate and develop podcast scripts.


Bachelors of Liberal Arts -  Savitribai Phule Pune University

Social Media Manager & Engagement Strategist 

Yashaswini Singh is a sophomore at Savitribai Phule Pune University majoring in Psychology and with a minor in business administration. She is inquisitive and excited at excelling at new oppertunities.


M.A English, Bengaluru City University

Content Editor & Publishing Lead

Sanjana S Gangarapu is the editor of India Colonised. Being an English Literature graduate, she works as a freelance writer and editor. Her love for words surpasses space and time.


B.A (Hons) History, University of Delhi

Research Intern - Social Media

Undergraduate student. Research intern at India colonised. Huda is always inquisitive about new things.


Junior College , Christ Junior College

Social Media Intern

Syed Usman Khadri is a social worker and certified Rajyapurskar Scout and India's delegate in the OIC organization headed by the Bangladesh Scouts. He is currently doing his internship as an assistant Social Media Manager in India Colonized and as an Editor/content writer in the Scouting Waves E-Newspaper. He is the Founder and Director of the student union organization named Espoir.


Freshman, Army Public School- Ambala

Digital Producer - Intern

Abhay is a Humanities student with an inquisitive nature. His interests include everything from art and military history to astrophysics. His proficiency in electronic editing is what has brought him to India Colonised.


B.A (Political Science and Sociology), University of Delhi

Research Intern - Podcast

Shagun is an undergraduate student who loves to learn. It's her ardent desire to understand and know the world. An avid reader, she has a keen interest in history, mythology, arts and culture. She is a creative person and is always looking forward to expressing herself in the most unique ways.


Bachelors in Liberal Arts - Thapar School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Research Intern - Blogsite

Prabhjot is an undergraduate student pursuing psychology and has been passionate about the significance of shining the spotlight on different perspectives of a story, and of delivering information that is as accurate as possible, while letting the audience decide how they want to perceive it. That is exactly what she aims to do with India Colonised in order to present a comprehensive version of the events that took place during the colonisation of India.


Bachelors of Arts- International Studies Simon Fraser University

Research Intern - Podcast

Dhruv is an International Studies and History graduate. His interests lie at the intersection of both of these subjects. He loves reading and writing about Culture and Identity.